October 14, 2020 4 min read

Looking for the perfect way to put a little more pep in your step and enjoy the health benefits of CBD in a shake? The super greens + CBD antioxidant mix from EndoCoast might just be the perfect choice. Learn more about this cutting-edge (and pleasantly tasty) powdered blend and how it can help you #findyourcoast.

The High-Nutrient Craze that’s Shaking up Nutrition

We all know how important good nutrition is for living your best, most energetic, and happiest life—as well as maximizing your performance. That’s part of the reason that antioxidant-rich supplements like CBD have really taken off. However, time constraints or simply a distaste for veggies or hemp can be enough to get in the way of the best of intentions to prepare a raw, colorful salad each day, and many people are turning to dehydrated “super green” powders to ensure they get the full range of micronutrients they need.

Do Super Green Mixes Really Work?

Loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, the potential benefits of super greens mixes are beginning to be seen in practice. According to an article in Medical News Today, superfoods high in antioxidants and micronutrients have the potential to:

  • Neutralize free radicals in the body
  • Boost immunity
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Help prevent heart disease and cancer
  • Improve the health of skin, hair, and nails

Knowing that CBD is an antioxidant, it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the health benefits of CBD are the same as the benefits offered by superfoods such as fruits, vegetables, microgreens, and highly nutritious sea plants.

Antioxidants: What’s the Big Deal?

Saying that Vitamin C or CBD is an antioxidant sounds nice and hip if you’re up with the latest in wellness talk, but what does it really mean? Put simply, “antioxidant” means that these substances help prevent premature aging and damage to your cells, but the details of the matter are a little more complex.

How Oxidation Works

Just as certain metals become rusted and damaged when they’re exposed to the air, our bodies produce waste products called free radicals that bind to other critical cells and essentially cause these cells to become damaged—leading to stress, heart disease, premature aging, and cancer.

Whereas metals can be protected from oxidation with a coat of nonporous paint or a layer of rustproof metal, our bodies can be protected from these damaging effects of free radicals with a steady stream of CBD (and/or other antioxidants) that bind to the free radicals and render them harmless.

Natural vs. Synthetic Antioxidants

Synthetic supplements are relatively cheap and easier to come by. However, the best way to enjoy the benefits of antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, and lipoic acid is consuming them in the form of whole foods and extracts.

We know that full-spectrum CBD products are better absorbed and utilized than CBD isolates. In the same way, the “whole-plant package” present in a super greens powder allows you to enjoy the full synergy of super greens and their benefits for a holistic effect and a natural boost to your endocannabinoid system as well.

Introducing the Newest “Super” Antioxidant

The health benefits of CBD from hemp.

Most of us will be familiar with superfoods like kale, goji berry, and green tea. However, few people know that CBD is an antioxidant—and a rather powerful one at that. In the detailed document available as U.S. Government Patent 1999/008769, cannabinoids in general are described as possessing antioxidant properties, with cannabidiol offering the neuroprotective and disease-mitigating effects of antioxidants without the toxicity presented by “psychoactive cannabinoids.”

What does this mean? By combining the benefits of super greens with the health benefits and antioxidant power of CBD, you can enjoy some pretty powerful protection against the “internal rusting” process of oxidation and simultaneously boost your health while working to prevent certain diseases down the track.

Meet our other Star Ingredients

Now that we’ve explained the power behind CBD’s antioxidant potential, let’s dive in and take a look at the other powerhouse ingredients in our super greens powder! In every serving of CBD + Supergreens, you are getting the benefits of:

  • 25mg of CBD and its health benefits
  • 1g of dietary fiber for digestive regularity
  • Fruit and veg for a broad range of nutrients and fiber
  • Microgreens for a powerful mineral boost
  • Green tea for energy and revitalization
  • Probiotics for healthy gut flora
  • A blend of enzymes for ease of digestion

When you take this blend every day, you’re ensuring the complete range of nutrients you need for the perfect complement to a well-balanced, healthy diet.

How to Get the Most Benefits from Our Super Greens + CBD Powder

A man lifting weights.

Not sure where to start with our CBD antioxidant blend? We generally find that the best way to enjoy the antioxidants and CBD content of our Super Greens + CBD mix is to stir or blend it into a glass of water and sip on the mix when you need a lift. With the addition of stevia for natural sweetness, many people enjoy this blend on its own. However, you can also mix it with milk or juice to find your desired flavor and thickness.

When to Enjoy a Glass of Super Greens + CBD

  • The Morning Warrior

Getting up for an early-morning workout? Enjoy a boost that won’t weigh you down with a glass of super greens with the milk of your choice.

  • The All-Day Sipper

Need small boosts throughout the day or want a regular top-up of CBD for managing pain? Simply mix up your greens first thing in the morning and sip on the blend whenever you need it.

  • An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Help prevent that afternoon slump without affecting your ability to get to sleep by chugging down a glass of super greens + CBD. Try a subtle twist of lemon for something light or blend it up with some milk, banana, berries, and protein powder for those times when you need something more filling.

Become a More Super Version of You with EndoCoast’s CBD + Super Greens Powder

As we’ve seen in our exploration of CBD as an antioxidant and the benefits of super greens as a dietary supplement, the true power of any real superfood is to boost your health from the inside out. Whether your goal is to improve your energy, feel and look younger, or improve your performance, give your body the best chance to function at its peak by trying our CBD + Super Greens blend, vegan CBD sour gummies, and full-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures.