CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: The Difference Between Hemp & CBD

Small brown bottles filled with different hemp and CBD oil

There is a big disparity between hemp oil vs. CBD oil. You will find both touted as wellness aids, and to an extent, that may be correct. But the difference between hemp and CBD lies in the content of each oil. Understanding these differences is a key part of having the information you need to choose the right product for your body and understanding what results you can expect.

The Difference Between Hemp & CBD: Hemp Is At The Heart

Technically, legalized CBD comes from hemp. Industrial hemp is the source for both kinds of oil, but it’s how both products are processed that the difference between hemp and CBD develops.

When looking at these two oils, there are a lot of similarities. They’re both high in omega fatty acids and naturally moisturizing; they also have a similar viscosity and smoke point when used for cooking. On closer examination of hemp vs CBD oil, however, each is different in two very important areas: concentration and which part of the plant is used.

  • Hemp Oil - Hemp oil -- sometimes called “hempseed oil” -- is the oil that’s cold-press extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp’s CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids are found in the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the plant -- not in the seeds. As a result, hemp oil is almost completely void of CBD and has not been extensively studied for its holistic effects outside of its moisturizing properties.
  • CBD Oil - CBD oil is also a hemp oil but with a different focus. Collected from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of the hemp plant, the CBD extraction process is focused around maximizing the CBD content of the extruded oil. There are a variety of extraction methods that make this possible and result in differing CBD products (CBD isolates vs. broad-spectrum CBD vs. full-spectrum CBD). For our ultra-pure, high-quality CBD oil, we use a CO2 extraction process that forces carbon dioxide through the plant fibers, carrying the active cannabinoid compounds out with it. The result is an oil that is potent in CBD, terpenes, and the other cannabinoids found within the plant. This raw CBD oil is then tested to ensure it’s below legal THC limits, and blended with a carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) to get a standardized concentration for effective dosing.

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Which Is Right For You?

When deciding whether hemp vs CBD oil-derived products are best for your health, consider what your goals are. If you’re looking for an enriching, vitamin-rich fatty oil for cooking or glowing skin all year round, hemp oil may be best for you. If you’re searching for something that can help with stress, pain, or just generally boost your endocannabinoid system, CBD is probably your solution.

The truth is, there’s no wrong or right answer about which is better because both oils accomplish very different wellness goals. How CBD works is ultimately different than how hemp oil works. Choosing which is right for your life is all about understanding the difference between hemp and CBD and then choosing which helps you find your health.

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Creating A Premium Hemp-Derived Product

How your CBD is made makes a difference in making sure you’re not receiving hemp oil in CBD oil’s clothing. At EndoCoast, our CBD oil starts with healthy, non-GMO hemp plants, grown by experienced farmers without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. This gives us an uncontaminated, all-natural plant material to extract our CBD from. The resulting oil is pure, potent, and perfect for creating our best vegan, organic CBD product formulas.

When choosing hemp vs. CBD oil, the other ingredients used to make the product also matter. If you choose a hemp or CBD oil that’s mixed with artificial ingredients or low-quality botanicals to cut the price, you might find it cuts the benefits, too.

To ensure you get the most out of your CBD, we use premium ingredients that mirror the same high-quality hemp we choose for our oil. This helps us create safer products that you can count on, and guarantees you aren’t wasting your money on fillers. Adding the right botanicals to our formulas also allows us to maximize the differences between hemp and CBD by using natural ingredients that support CBD’s potency.

Order The Right Products For Your Health

When you want premium CBD and a brand you can trust, EndoCoast is here for you. Join our Coast community of people passionate about supporting their health with all-natural products they’ve come to trust. Contact our customer care team if you need any additional information about our products or processes, and they’ll be happy to provide the transparency you need for an informed decision. Get the CBD you need today from EndoCoast.