How is CBD Oil Made?

Vivid green hemp plants in a garden to demonstrate how CBD is made from hemp

We’re not going to lie -- we’re proud of how our CBD is made. At EndoCoast, we specialize in crafting the best CBD products that help give your body the support it needs to find its coast. Many users, however, don’t know how their CBD is made from hemp, how CBD oil is even extracted, or what ingredients go in their CBD products besides, well, CBD! Many people don’t understand that different companies can have entirely different production processes and standards that dramatically change how well your CBD works for you, how well your body absorbs it, and how good it actually is for your body. We believe that when you’re choosing a wellness product, you should know what goes into its creation, so let’s take a transparent look at how our CBD is made.

Step One to How CBD is Made: Grow Healthy Hemp

The truth about CBD is that, yes, it’s found in marijuana. But, here in the United States, legal CBD products come from industrial hemp. Defined by the 2018 Farm Bill as Cannabis sativa L. -- or hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC concentration by dry weight -- industrial hemp allows us to explore the potential health and wellness benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high feeling of THC. Despite what some proponents of higher-THC marijuana strains say, the CBD in industrial hemp isn’t any different. The quality and characteristics are the same as long as you invest in a full-spectrum, high-quality product.

The quality that goes into how CBD is made begins before the CBD is even extracted from the plant. It all starts with how you grow and care for the hemp. Industrial hemp grows best in rich, fertile soil where it has access to plenty of sun and water. Some of the best hemp comes from the valleys of Kentucky and Tennessee, the non-mountainous areas of Colorado, and the moisture-rich Pacific Northwest Region. There the plants can grow tall and rich in active cannabinoid compounds until they’re ready for harvest.

While many producers use conventional farming techniques on their hemp, we take a different path. Our hemp is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. It’s also non-GMO because no one needs that junk hindering their coast.

A lab tech works on analyzing how our CBD is made from hemp

Extracting the Oil

Okay, but how does CBD get made from all that hemp plant material?

Once the plants are ready to harvest, the stalks, leaves, and flowers are carefully selected and shipped to a processing facility. At this point, the hemp is run through an extraction machine to pull the active botanical compounds out of the plant. This can include cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals naturally found in cannabis. Many producers use chemical solvents for a fast, inexpensive extraction process that gives them CBD oil. Since we go through so much trouble to keep chemicals away from our growing process, this isn’t how our CBD is made from hemp.

At EndoCoast, we use a process called CO2 supercritical extraction. It sounds fancy, but the science is simple. Carbon dioxide is the same gas you breathe out when you exhale, and under the proper temperature and pressure, it takes on some unique properties. When cooled and pressurized, CO2 becomes like a liquid but fills space like a gas. This one-of-a-kind ability to linger between two states makes CO2 a clean, efficient solvent that extracts CBD from the plant’s whole oil without leaving behind a residue.

To fully utilize CO2’s power, we place the raw plant material in a chamber and allow the supercritical CO2 to pass through, drawing out the active compounds. The result: a beneficial full-spectrum CBD oil without the psychoactive THC. Sure, it takes some time to get right, but this is how our CBD oil is made to be pure and potent without harmful residues or chemical solvents.

A collection of EndoCoast’s CBD products to demonstrate how CBD is made

Formulating the Oil

Once the oil is extracted, we 3rd-party lab test the material to verify its potency and purity. Plants aren’t standardized, so every batch of hemp is a little different. Testing our oil allows us to establish a base-level of CBD concentration and verify that the THC levels are at or below 0.3%--the federal legal maximum for hemp-derived products.

Many manufacturers, at this point, blend the CBD oil with a carrier oil to create a consistent (and, honestly, tastier) product. We use fractionated coconut oil in our formulas. This high-quality oil is environmentally-sustainable, readily absorbed by the body, and forms a consistent solution when blended with CBD oil. Once the right concentration is achieved, it’s time to create the final products that give you the dosing options you need to take control of your body’s wellness.

The latest cannabis and nutraceutical research dictate how our CBD products are made. We use organic and vegan ingredients that mirror the high-quality standards already invested in creating our oil. This includes natural flavorings, premium moisturizers, and capsules made from vegetable gelatin, so you know every bit of our product’s formula was designed around delivering the very best for your body’s needs. We top it off with clearly printed labels that give you the vital information you need (like dosing and ingredients), and how you can contact us if you have any questions because transparency shouldn’t end at the point of sale.

Order Your Premium CBD

You have a choice about the supplements you put into your body, and your choice deserves to be the best. Choose a manufacturer that lets you know how your CBD is made and looks out for your wellness by ordering from EndoCoast today. Join our community and #FindYourCoast.