How to Dose CBD for Everyday Use

A woman holding a dropper of oil to her mouth

People take CBD for a host of different reasons—from pain management to sleep, anxiety to inflammation. And yet there is another class of CBD enthusiasts emerging who are taking the oil as a general health supplement. In this article, we will give you some guidelines for finding your daily CBD dose and working out when and how often to take CBD oil for a general boost in health.

Step 1: Work out Your Specific Health Goals

So you know that you want to try CBD and that a broad-spectrum product is the most effective way to go about it. You also understand that CBD affects the endocannabinoid system and helps balance almost every system in the body.

All of that is a terrific starting point! Now, you’re ready to set some parameters to check that CBD is helping you achieve your goals. For someone who is using CBD as a general prophylactic rather than for a specific problem, you might consider the following indicators that the daily CBD dose is working:

  • Maintaining a more positive mood
  • Feeling calmer in stressful situations
  • Improved sleep quantity and quality
  • Waking up feeling more refreshed
  • Feeling less achy in general
  • More energy, less lethargy
  • Better focus and attention

Whichever indicator of health you start with, it’s important to write it down in your journal along with comments about how your daily CBD dose affected that symptom. That way, you’ll get a better overall idea about how often to take CBD oil and how much is an effective dose for you.

Step 2: Begin Small and Increase Each Week

In contrast to popping a pill, taking a daily CBD dose works more slowly and gently to stimulate your body’s own built-in balancing mechanisms. This means that you probably won’t see results overnight. Rather than beginning with a large dose that makes you “feel something,” it’s better to begin with the lowest dose possible and stick with that same dose for an entire week before increasing your daily CBD dose. This gives your body time to respond and is easier on your wallet as well.

Dosing CBD Oils and Tinctures

As you might have seen in our dosage guide for different CBD products, we recommend starting with 0.25 mL of CBD oil, which equates to 5 mg of CBD for our 500 mg bottle and 10 mg of CBD for our 1,000 mg bottle. Each week, increase the dosage by 0.25 mL until you reach a total daily dose of 1.0 mL or even more.

Physical and genetic factors will influence how much CBD you need, and larger individuals and those with more severe symptoms will usually need a higher dose than smaller individuals with milder symptoms. When to take CBD oil will depend on the results that you want, but generally, your dose is best scheduled after meals. Here is a quick guide to dosing the CBD products from EndoCoast:

Dosing CBD Tablets, Capsules, and Softgels

Your daily CBD dose for general health will be higher with capsules than it is with oils. This is because the coating of the capsule needs to be broken down in the stomach before the oil can be absorbed. For our vegan capsules, we recommend taking 1 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Dosing CBD Gummies

CBD edibles can take a little longer to have an effect, but the effect typically lasts longer than it does from an oil or tincture. Our vegan gummies contain 20 mg of CBD each and can be taken every six hours. To begin, you might prefer to cut a gummy in half or decrease the frequency to two per day. Over time, you can increase to a whole gummy, then two gummies, or more as needed.

Dosing CBD Supergreens

Finally, our CBD Supergreens supplement is an ideal choice for overall health as it combines the benefits of CBD, dietary fiber, and super greens into one convenient powder. One scoop of our supergreens mix contains 25 mg of CBD—the perfect way to start your day!

Step 3: Decide When and How Often to Take CBD Oil

The decision about when to take CBD oil depends on the effects that you’re hoping to achieve, but oil is better absorbed when taken with food. For general wellness, you might consider breaking up your dose into two or three servings to spread the effects throughout the day. For better sleep, users recommend taking your full daily dose half an hour before bed.

As long as you keep your daily CBD dose consistent for a week at a time, you can experiment with the frequency and servings that you take. Be sure to make notes of the timing that works and how your symptoms change over time.

Step 4: Making Your Daily CBD Dose Count

A green hemp plant against a green background

Working out how much and how often to take CBD oil is an achievement in and of itself. With upper limits of around 1,200 mg daily, the range of potentially effective doses is huge! To save money on your CBD supplementation and get the best possible results, be sure to start with a quality oil:

  • Made from pesticide-free, herbicide-free hemp

    Make sure that your CBD supplementation is clean and green with an oil extracted from non-GMO hemp that is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. These plants are typically grown in soils that are rich with organic matter and provide the plants many benefits without a side-serving of toxic chemicals.

  • Broad-spectrum oil

    Your daily CBD dose will be more readily absorbed with less product if you go for a broad-spectrum oil. Important CBD co-factors such as terpenes and lipids increase the absorption and enhance the effects.

  • Third-party lab-tested

    A study that came out in 2017 showed that 55% of CBD oil products did not contain what they said on the label. With varying state laws about CBD and THC, it’s essential that you choose a product that has been independently tested and contains exactly what it says.

Upgrade Your Daily CBD Dose with EndoCoast

The CBD products that we create at EndoCoast are ideal for your daily CBD dose with naturally-grown, non-GMO hemp, a broad-spectrum extraction process, and rigorous third-party testing. To further enhance your coast, we base our cutting-edge formulas on the latest nutraceutical research and mix in natural flavors you’re sure to love.

To learn more about when to take CBD oil, how often to take CBD oil, and how to determine the best daily CBD dose for your symptoms, be sure to check out the articles in our comprehensive Learning Center. Have more questions about our quality CBD? Just ask! We want you to get the best results from our premium CBD products so that you can truly #findyourcoast for a happier, healthier, and more vibrant you.