CBD Lotion (Eucalyptus Mint)

CBD Lotion (Eucalyptus Mint)

  • THC-Free
  • Refreshing Eucalyptus Mint Scent
  • Non-Greasy Formula For Easy & Fast Absorption
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Made With Full-Spectrum CBD for Optimal Benefits
  • High CBD Dosage for Liberal Topical Application and Pain Relief Support.
  • Infused with Colloidal Gold For Increased Anti-Inflammatory Support.

CBD oil that works

Premium Hemp CBD Lotion For The Best Topical Endocannabinoid Support

Here’s the thing about topical CBD -- sometimes it’s hard to tell if you have a great CBD product or fancy lotion with a CBD label. At EndoCoast, our premium hemp CBD lotion is specifically formulated to provide powerful, topical relief you can count on while also delivering all the full-spectrum benefits of all-natural CBD cannabinoids. Formulated with high-quality ingredients -- like soothing aloe vera, moisturizing shea butter, and ultra-pure CBD oil crafted from non-GMO industrial hemp uncontaminated by herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers -- our pure CBD creams for sale help you find the topical relief you need without the frou-frou filler.

Have questions about CBD, how topical products work, or what’s an endocannabinoid system?
Check out our CBD Learning Center for all the information you need to stay informed.

What You Need to Know About Our Eucalyptus Mint Hemp CBD Lotion

  • Offers a refreshing eucalyptus scent with cooling and refreshing menthol mint
  • Comes in a convenient and easy-to-dispense bottle for topical relief on-the-go
  • Blends our potent high-quality CBD oil with real colloidal gold and organic botanicals -- like aloe, shea butter, and avocado oil -- for targeted topical relief based on the latest nutraceutical research.
  • Soothing ingredients to help with:
    • Managing inflammation and arthritis symptoms.
    • Moisturizing and nourishing dried, inflamed, or irritated skin.
    • Easing the discomfort of minor irritations, sore muscles, and aching joints.
  • Non-greasy, high-dose formula that helps our full-spectrum CBD absorb directly into the skin.

Relief That Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Topical hemp CBD lotion is perfect for targeting specific areas of the body and delivering a direct dose through the skin to the tissues underneath. But with so much information on the internet about CBD creams for sale, it can be hard to tell the truth from the trash.

At EndoCoast, our specialized customer support team is here to help you understand the perks of CBD and which CBD products to buy online that will work best for your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about topical CBD, and order online today for free, same-day shipping.

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